Sytewise Features

The Features

A CRM on Steroids

The encyclopedia of every detail for all your properties with a contextual search and find

Property Assets

Details of every fixture
Associated tenant details
At a glance property status

Work order histories

Multiple Trades

Assign prefered vendors to each property by trade.

Property Fixture

Map the location of every fixtures so your vendors can easily find and repair them.


Detailed reference available anytime
Custom data available
Activity log

Survey Portal

Initiate property surveys to identify problems
Results integrate immediately

Contract Management

Track multiple contracts for every property

Work Order System

Issue work orders to your vendors
Easily find previous work orders for any fixture
Schedule future work

Modular Tools

Apply only the tools you need for each property

Take control of your property assets with Sytewise and always have the information you need at your fingertips.

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