How It Works

By property managers, for property managers

The Sytewise platform was developed with a boots-on-the-ground property manager in mind. It is organized and operates like a commercial property manager thinks. Built to take on the tasks they deal with every day.

It's Property Centric

property centric
Sytewise is Property Centric

Properties Are The Foundation

The Sytewise SAAS system starts with properties. All records, serviceable items, mechanical assets, key personnel and work are focused on properties. Any fixture, person, or contract can be located from its property page. It is an ideal jumping off place with looking for information or creating new points of interest. Sytewise is a robust software with a place to keep track of all of the details, anchored in the relationship each detail has with your properties.

A note about Trades. Property management often stretches across various types of service or what we call trades. Trades are serviceable items like lights, HVAC or roofing. Sytewise trades can be associated with each property, and each property can have multiple trades.

Vendors get the work done

Every property/trade in the Sytewise data set must be associated with at least one vendor. You can assign default vendors for each of your properties You can add alternate vendors to property/trades for those times when the job is just that specific or your default vendors aren’t available.

Work Orders are the secret sauce in Sytewise. Scheduled maintenance, time sensitive work, and critical recovery from disaster are no problem for Sytewise. Vendors are notified by email where can respond immediately. Vendors can enter the customer Vendor Portal to notify you that they are finished with photos and description of the work that was done.

vendors and work orders
Vendors Are Critical
fixtures and parts
Fixtures and parts on a property

Fixed Assets & Their Details

In the Sytewise ecosystem maintainable items like fire panels, light fixtures or roofing are called “Fixtures”. Fixtures are associated with a trade and described with photos and text. Make, Model, and serial number along with location and service records are all there when you need it. Keeping track of fixtures is easy in Sytewise. You know where it is. You know it’s service history. You even know who fixed it last and why.

A note about Parts. Parts are the finer details of Fixtures. The details about parts are virtually limitless. SKUs and model numbers to size and order quantity. Sytewise keeps the details on parts that keep your fixtures running.

Clients & Contracts

Clients. If you have fee managed properties in your portfolio, or the majority of the owners are in house, Sytewise lets you associate ownership entities with the properties you manage and the contracts for services on each property.

Contracts are often a complex arrangement and set of details entailing several elements and relationships. Sytewise brings all the inherited intelligence of the client, the vendor, the property, even down to the specific parts and fixtures to the contract for a premade scenario. All the details of which are customizable. Sytewise's developers can even develop a custom template with terms and terms calculators just for you.

vendors and work orders
Clients and Contracts

Take control of your property assets with Sytewise and always have the information you need at your fingertips.

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